Why Choose Dr. Daniel Cousin as your radiology expert

Dr. Cousin will provide unbiased and prompt review of all radiology studies. He is ready to opine on a certificate of merit and as needed, offer medical testimony. In preparation for trial, Dr. Cousin can provide 4D demonstrative evidence.

His decades of clinical experience have been paramount in forming his expertise. Dr. Cousin can break down complex medical issues so that they are tangible to the non-medical lay person.

When you retain Dr. Cousin as your medical expert witness, he works closely with you. His turnaround is prompt, and you may contact him at any time. He will make himself available to you as needed for depositions and testimony within 24 hours notice.

Dr. Cousin and his staff at Radsurity PA are look forward to working with you and to exceed all your current expectations for Radiological Expert Witness consulting services.

Contact us now and with the knowledge that you will have the resources and experience of Dr. Cousin, a Dual-Boarded Certified Radiologist, with expertise in forensic medical legal consultation, as your personal Radiologist consultant and medicolegal expert.


Dr. Daniel Cousin
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